Every once in a while a young talent springs up in the world of photography, and Sarah is certainly one of them. She has an incredible eye for color, composition and seeing the beauty in the world. Sarah has an exciting future ahead of her.

~Barb Uil~


You have a captive gift through the eye of the lens. You are able to capture the essence of our children's heart, personality, and adventurous spirit with vivid imagery. With reminiscence you portray the love between parent and child, and the protective spirit between siblings. We will forever cherish the timeless moments you've honoured. Thank you again Sarah!

~Christopher and Katie Laman~


I have had the privilege of watching Sarah shoot three family weddings including my own and it is such a thrill to watch her as she explores to find that perfect beautiful creative angle to shoot from. She has a great eye for a more abstract artistic photo. She can manage to capture the moment beautifully and leave you breathless as you look back.

~Stephanie Bruer~